About Us

We are a team of strategists, campaigners, and thought leaders guiding the
movement to change the way our world eats and farms.

Our Approach

We decided to offer the Pronar range of machinery for hire through Agri Machinery Hire Ltd to offer these excellent machines to farmers at affordable prices, but not only farmers as we offer road sweepers for hire and hooklift trailers, dump trailers for hire to the construction sector.

Our Story

We set up in 2015 selling Farm Machinery and Construction Equipment but since obtaining exclusivity for Pronar products in the UK sold through our sister company Pronar UK Ltd, we decided we needed a direct hire business, so we set up Agri Machinery Hire Ltd. We offer a full range of farm, construction and winter machinery for short and long term hire at very competitive rates.  Seeing a big gap in the market for this specialist type machinery and being able to offer the ZMC 3.0 Road Sweeper to Airports and other sectors we have invested heavily in equipment to offer these machines for hire.

Meet the Team

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