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Many would think the UK machinery market is flooded with options, but not Pronar UK who believes it can take a slice of the pie form the top-end manufacturers. Richard Bradley reports.

In what often appears a saturated market, one firm believes there is still room for more options when it comes to buying non-mainstream machinery and equipment.And it is Pronar UK which is aiming to take a chunk of the market, with a range of Polish manufacturer Pronar’s products, now available in the UK.

While relatively unknown to us in the UK, Pronar is by no means a start-up, with 768 dealers across 68 countries in mainland Europe and further afield. As well as a manufacturer of complete products from small municipal equipment to large agricultural machinery, Pronar is also an OEM supplier to a large number of companies.

To find out more about the Polish-based firm, we spoke to David Orrell, Managing Director of Pronar UK. While not a subsidiary of Pronar, the firm is the exclusive importer for the products into the UK.

Q – Who is Pronar and where does it operate from? Read More .....

A –Pronar is based at its original production facility in Narew, North-East region of Poland. Since its founding in 1988 the firm has launched six additional factories across the region, with the construction of an eighth facility currently ongoing.

Across these facilities more than 2,000 people are employed, with 600 tonnes of steel used to produce about 4,000 parts each day.

To produce these components, over the years the firm has built and developed a number of its own machining tools, rather than buying them from external suppliers. The in-house manufacturing philosophy is carried on with the majority of parts such as hydraulic components, axles and wheel rims produced in-house; the latter are also shipped out to other firms.

An example of this is how Pronar is the second largest manufacturer of wheel rims for agricultural and municipal machinery in the world, and is one of the largest for the manufacturing of axles.

One of its sites is also an R and D centre, with a testing facility to put equipment through its paces.

Q – For such a big manufacturer, Pronar is still relatively unknown in the UK. How and why did you begin importing their kit?

A – For a number of years (before Pronar UK) my business was in carrying out municipal council-type work with road-sweeping and gritting. When we came to replace some machines I thought there must be more options on the market which could do a better job and at a lower cost; this was when I came across Pronar.

I went out to the factory and I thought we could do well selling the equipment. Thanks to an upbringing working on the local dairy farm, I could tellthe kit was well made. We began importing the machines at the end of 2016, and have been the exclusive importer since February this year, since then we have sold about 150 products.

Q - What does the firm produce and what makes their products stand out in the UK’s saturated machinery market?

A – The firm produces a number of seasonal and year-round products including forestry trailers; municipal products such as flail mowers, sweepers, and recycling machines;grassland machinery including mowers, rakes, and forage wagons; and a range of trailers such as grain, low-loaders and compacting ejector trailers.

As they are exported into markets where there are stringent regulations, all trailers have to meet EU road homologation. Over 2,000 trailers were sold into Germany last year, putting Pronar in the top three trailer suppliers in the country.

With in-house manufacturing of components the firm is able to trim costs as they do not have to buy from other firms, which have to put a premium on their parts to cover costs. Accompanied by low labour costs in Poland, this allows our products to be sold at lower costs than other premium brands in the UK, sometimes up to 20-30 per cent lower.

There is a big market which we want to be in the top tier along with the premium UK manufacturers. Once people see our products and the lower costs offered, we believe we could be among the top suppliers for affordable quality machinery in the UK.

Q – Good products are only as good as the backup they receive, how do you expect to support your customers?

A – At the moment we have about 17 dealers covering the UK, and hope to push this up to around 30. Each of these dealers will receive training on Pronar’s products both for sales and servicing. Demo machines and a stock of parts will also be maintained with each dealer.

If all else fails, a parts stock of £3,000,000 value is kept between the firm’s facilities in Poland, so parts can be shipped over to the UK. Larger components and machines can be loaded onto a wagon, with deliveries departing the factory Monday morning, and arriving in the UK every Wednesday. These timings are dictated by rulings in Germany where haulage cannot be carried out over weekends.

On top of this, all trailers are sold with a two year warranty, which is a good vote of confidence when you consider the number of trailers produced by Pronar each year.

Pronar facts

  • Established 1988 in Poland
  • Operating seven factories with 2,000 employees
  • Export to 68 countries with 768 dealers
  • Processing 600 tonnes steel daily
  • £3,000,000 spare parts stock

Example prices

  • 30.8cu.m tandem-axle ejector trailer - £37,000
  • 24tonne 6.7m body (22ft) grain/silage trailer - £19,000
  • 3m rear-mounted conditioner mower - £9,450

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